International Arbitration Centre Holds Inaugural Board Meeting


Chair of the Board of the BVI International Arbitration Centre, Mr. John Beechey disclosed recently that progress has been made to set up an Arbitration Center in the Territory.

During the inaugural Board meeting of the Centre, Mr. Beechey announced that a suitable location has been identified for the Center and interviews were carried out to fill the post of CEO.

Since its formation, the Board had to deal with the finalization of Rules for the Centre and the formation of a panel of arbitrators – “the constitution of which would reflect the ethos of a new and vibrant Centre open for business to users worldwide, not least those in the Caribbean, Hispanic Latin America and Brazil,” a release said.

The inaugural Board meeting was the first opportunity for members to discuss outstanding actions required for the successful realization of the Centre’s establishment.

The Board of the BVI International Arbitration Centre was appointed on 7 September, 2015 under section 95 of the Arbitration Act, 2013 and comprises the Chairman – Mr. Beechey, Mr. Cherno Jallow QC, Mr. Mark Forte, Mr. Murray Smith and Ms. Felice Swapp.