Internal Audit Department examines Loans


In 2014, the Department of Internal Audit completed nine audits. These audits examined loans to Public Officers from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Culture Adopt a School Programme, and the Assistant Grants Programmes across all Ministries.

The announcement regarding the audits was made by Director of Internal Audit, Mrs. Dores Maduro-Corea. The Director also stated during her appearance before the Standing Finance Committee that her Department was working on audits for the Road Maintenance Programmes with the Public Works Department , the Elmore Stoutt High School Revenue Accounts,  and the Wickhams Cay Development Authority.

Mrs. Maduro-Corea further stated that there was one investigation being carried out with the Jost Van Dyke Customs and a follow-up on the Belonger Application process with the Premier’s Office.

In explaining the difference between an audit and an investigation the Director stated that an audit was a planned exercise where preliminary work was done; and the audit, she said was carried out based on the objectives and the scope of the work. The Director further stated that – like an audit – an investigation was requested, and occurred only when there was some discrepancy. In both instances, she said there would be a conclusion.