Independent Candidate Determined To win the 7th district


Diego Penn, the Independent Candidate that is aiming at the seat of Deputy Premier, Minister for Natural Resources and Labour and Seventh District Representative Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering did not mince words as he layered accusations against the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) and his opponent Dr. Pickering.

Penn who admitted that he was a supporter of both the NDP and Dr. Pickering announced during his 4 September appearance on Honestly Speaking With Claude Skelton-Cline that e the government “has no common sense” and so he has turned against the government.

When asked why he switched from being a government supporter to become an opponent he said: “The thing is this: before I was even an NDP, I was a Virgin Islands Party supporter, but prior to that I was a Virgin Islander and I remain true to that. I switched from the Virgin Islands Party … and I moved from that and went to the National Democratic Party which I thought at the time was the country’s best hope, but being with that party I have seen a different light. They shed a different light. I don’t like class structures…because all of us are equal. I don’t like class structures.”

He then ventured to bash the government and members stating that the Party consists of educated persons who have no common sense. “It’s just funny, you would think that this government being the one that we could say ‘probably being the most educated’. They have the credentials on paper, but they were missing one thing… they never pick up common sense when they went to school. They don’t have it.”

“They just don’t have common sense, it was seen after the storm. It is seen the way that they operate. They just don’t carry forward common sense and I want to bring common sense legislation into the House,” Penn announced.

The Independent Candidate said that he is eyeing the Seventh District seat because he believes the current Representative has dropped the ball. “I will be contesting the Seventh District seat — we can’t go any further with the current representative. He is one of the persons who is holding that handle that continues to disenfranchise the people of this country. He sits in the position of Natural Resources and Labour – deals with things like seabed leases and fishing and farming and all that kind of stuff; and he continues to disenfranchise all of the people that are local within those same establishments and we cannot go any further with that.”

He explained that he believes that Hon. Pickering is no longer the Representative he used to be: “When I supported Hon. Kedrick Pickering, he had a passion; and I have seen that passion come out of his eye, because he no longer has that passion for his own people; but he picks it up for someone else and that is saddening. It is very saddening that something like that is happening right now because this is the time that he should have been pulling his people together, especially after those devastating hurricanes that we had.”

“Anytime a boat is sinking the captain is the last to get off. He puts his passengers off safely and then he comes off. Same thing with a plane…there is a crisis right now. We are still in crisis mode right now. We are on the boat of crisis, but the first person to get off that boat was the same Hon. Kedrick Pickering…He fixed his house, left all of his neighbours and friends out there just hanging. You can’t continue to be the leader that you want to be when you can’t help the people that are around you. His passion is God, he lost it. There is no more fight in him for his people,” Penn added.

He also criticized the Deputy Premier of failing to reopen the clinic and fire station in that District.