Independence Has Its Consequences: Colin o’Neal Says

Attorney and Managing Director of Joma Properties Colin O'Neal

Attorney and Managing Director of Joma Properties Colin O’Neal

“Political independence has social and economic consequences,” Attorney and Managing Director of Joma Properties Colin O’Neal explained during his appearance on the 23 Aug 2016 JTV Spotlight program.

Mr. O’Neal, a highly esteemed local lawyer, is active in several business related organizations and has written about business and development with particular focus on real estate and socio-economic issues. He also serves in leadership positions in several public advisory boards and commissions primarily related to business, commerce and financial services.

Mr. O’Neal’s comment on the subject of independence was deemed timely by host of the program Edju En Ka as the subject on whether the Territory should leave the bosom of its mother country the United Kingdom is being discussed both in the media, and at public events — most recently the August festivities.

In his exploration of the subject, Mr. O’Neal stated that social and economic conditions must be in place and in order to achieve greater political independence: “I think for many people the notion of independence is like darkness they don’t want to know what is behind it or what lies in front of them, they know what we have. I would venture to say that most people if they are not comfortable with it have come to accept philosophically in the hopes of knowing something better may be attainable,” he said.

Mr. O’Neal opined that some of the persons against independence base their position on the experience of other countries: “The apprehension is natural because not only are there unknown out there but even what is known about a state of being independent is disconcerting to some people. Some people may perceive that others who have gone this route have not fared as well as they might have expected,” he said.