Incumbent Turnbull Outlines Achievements & Plans


Second District Representative, Hon. Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull told his constituents that he has faithfully worked for them over the last three years and therefore deserves another opportunity to serve them.

At an event on 13 January, during his speech which was titled the State of the Second District Address Hon. Turnbull outlined how he has worked for the residents of the District. “You did not put me in there to sit and twiddle my fingers, nor did you put me in there to sit quietly. You put me in there to represent your needs your concerns,” he said as he outlined how he has worked for the District.

In briefly addressing his fallout with the Government Hon. Turnbull said that he did his best as Representative under the NDP banner. In explaining his decision to join PVIM he said “You have never heard Ronnie W. Skelton’s name in corruption. He has never been investigated for anything and while there are those out there who want to sway the public with the fancy talk.”

In touting his success as a Representative, Hon. Turnbull told his constituents that over the last three and a half years the District has been able to accomplish a few things thanks to his representation.

Among the accomplishments listed is the works in Brewers Bay, where Hon. Turnbull said that 1000 feet of road was paved leading to the Fisherman’s Ramp. “We’ve discussed and now have approved a plan for Brewers Bay.” In fact, Hon. Turnbull said that the sketch is 16 to 20 years old, but only now there is an approved plan.

Further, Hon. Turnbull talked about the work he did for the District following hurricanes Irma and Maria and mentioned projects he is still advocating for.

“I have been consistent and kept to my word and visited the island and community of Jost Van Dyke every Wednesday for the last three and a half years with the exception for when there was House of Assembly, I am on travel or I am ill. Ask the people of Jost Van Dyke I have been there,” he declared.

As it relates to Cane Garden Bay Hon. Turnbull announced that he would continue to work to ensure that the systems that are put in place work. While reflecting on his tenure the Representative said that the people of the Second District have asked him to be accountable and as a result he has held quarterly meetings over the last three and half years.