Impressive Participation & Positive Feedback For Festival 2014

Busy nights at Festival Village

Busy nights at Festival Village

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the British Virgin Islands Festival were both successful and impressive and as a result a tremendous amount of positive feedback has been recorded by the local businesses, the social media, as well as the electronic and printed media.

Despite the untimely transit of hurricane Bertha, the weather was splendid for most of the events. As a result of effective promotional efforts the Territory has attracted a huge and unprecedented number of visitors who have joined us in celebrating 180 years of freedom and 60 years of Emancipation Festival celebrations.

The theme of this year’s festivities was: 60 years of cultural display and appreciation. VI Festival 2014: Our diamond Jubilee Celebration.

Winners of the past editions of the MISS BVI pageant participated in Monday’s Grand Parade of Emancipation Festival 2014 [Photo by Astrid Wenzke]

Winners of the past editions of the MISS BVI pageant participated in Monday’s Grand Parade of Emancipation Festival 2014 [Photo by Astrid Wenzke]

August Monday’ grand parade lasted almost twice the average parades of recent years, and although one wished the floats, floupes and troupes were presented in a “tighter” format – without long intervals from one another – there was lots of fun in the air and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the often mesmerizing entries. Even the tourists ran out of superlatives. There is no doubt that the 2014 grand parade will become a benchmark for quite a few years to come.

As customary, too many troupes consisted of youths while adults’ participation was not as sizable as it should have been. Some emphasis should also be placed on quality more than quantity; it would be preferable to have a smaller, better coordinated and adequately choreographed parade.

The Prince and Princess Show, the Miss BVI Pageant,and the local Calypso Show have all received glowing reviews. The East End / Long Look Festival activities were very successful and massively supported by the public;  similarly, the Carrot Bay calendar was packed with exciting events that attracted public participation and was highly praised.

The Horse Races at Seacows Bay were a great catalyst, and the night shows at the Iris Freeman Festival Village attracted big crowds and had some very good moments.

Green was the Theme  [Photo by Astrid Wenzke]

Green was the Theme [Photo by Astrid Wenzke]

In the end, we all noticed that year after year more emphasis is placed on the true significance of our Festival, its historical and social roots, its meaning and importance. We celebrate because we are free, and because of that we celebrate freedom, that’s the real source of our merriment.  It is a celebration of the most important moment in our history, a celebration of our culture, traditions and achievements.