Immigration Department To Enhance Customer Relations


Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Mr. Ian Penn said that the belittling of Immigration Officers is a challenge that the Department deals with, and he asked that the public desists from doing so.

In a government interview, Mr. Penn said that the Department will be focusing on customer relations, but in the meantime he said that persons doing business with the Department have a role to play.

In describing the present challenge the Acting Chief Immigration Officer said: “Sometimes persons might come to the Department for services and sometimes people can get irate.” He added that people visiting the Department sometimes talk down to Immigration officers.

“The officers are there to provide a service, and the only way both parties can get through whatever the service is that everybody does so calmly, professionally, so that whatever needs to be done can be done in a manner that you are not actually fighting against each other,” Mr. Penn said.

The Department head explained that “There has to be cooperation on both sides, and therefore we cannot have customers being rude to the officers or belittling the officers, or want to say things that can upset persons, and expect to get proper service. It would be better if persons who are coming in to get the service come in and do so. I know there are long lines especially at the processing unit. However if persons cooperate I am sure that they will get out of the processing unit in good time.”

Mr. Penn announced that in the near future a lot of changes will come to the Immigration Department. “First and foremost, we will be focusing on our customer relations. We want to make sure that Immigration is a Department that persons can approach without fear. We don’t want persons to think of the Immigration Department as a place that is unapproachable. We want to think of the Immigration Department as a place of doing business.” “Therefore, I will like to appeal to the listening public, those who have business with the Immigration Department to come and do so and to respect the officers because …once respect is given, it is given back the same way.”