In the near future persons who take a chance to visit the British Virgin Islands outside of legal means could be facing more jail time or a larger fine. This decision was announced as one of the measures being taken to increase border protection.

In his on-line mention of his plan BVI Premier Hon. Andrew Fahie announced: “Government intends to review the penalties associated with illegal entry into the Territory so that they can better serve as a deterrent”.

As it stands the maximum penalty for the offence of illegal entry is a fine of $1,500  and or 12 months imprisonment. Over the last three years numerous reports of illegal entry made headlines. Some of the occurrences involved persons who did not use designated ports of entry and even some who entered with fake visas.

One of the most notable recent cases of illegal entry into the Territory occurred in April 2017 when a total of 27 illegal immigrants including a suspected captain, six women and five children were identified and held in custody by local law enforcement officials.

The immigrants were detained, and later deported. They were identified as nationals of Haiti, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic and India.  It was noted that 22 of the immigrants hailed from Haiti.