Iain Tucker, Rosmond Johnson win in Carrot Bay 10K

The Carrot Bay 10K & 5K returned with 25 participants after benign rescheduled from June because of Covid

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

In the absence of the runners who typically dominate the road racing series, Iain Tucker won his first race ever and former champ Rosmond Johnson, went to winners row, in Saturday’s Carrot Bay 10, a race that was delayed from June to October, because of Covid’s interference in mid summer.

“Today was a great race. We were lucky that we had that little rain during the night, (it) took the temperature down, so it’s back to nice running conditions, instead of really hot sticky conditions,” Road Racing Director Kay Reddy told Island Sun Sports. “We had a smaller crowd—I think the rain probably put people off—so we only had about 25 participants. But this is my favorite run. It’s the beautiful north shore. It’s Carrot Bay, Apple Bay, Long Bay, Smugglers. It doesn’t get prettier than this. Just a beautiful race because of the temperatures being down. Because of the smaller field, we had some changes in the race, with Iain Tucker, in a storming 52 minutes taking first place—his first race win in the territory—so congratulations to Iain.”

Johnson, who has been a past race winner Reddy said, came back to win the women’s race. There was also a great 5K race with Alric Smith being first to cross the line. “Alric came bowling into the car park just as we were about to say go, we waited for him and I think probably the adrenaline carried him around the course, just under 28 minutes, which for the hill on the course, is a fast time,” Reddy said. “I think he’s gonna do about 25 on the flat so shout out to Alric. Keep training Alric.”

Kate Carey ran 33:39 to win the women’s segment and Reddy said she was steady around the course.

The next race is on Oct 23 with the finale on Nov 13, ahead of the Nov 27, BVI Half Marathon.  

10K ResultsMen:

1. Iain Tucker, 52:29. 2. Adrian Dale, 1:00:23. 3. Aaron Gardner,  1:03:44. 4. John Ayres, 1:09:51.

5. Murray Laing, 1:11:27. Women: 1. Rosmond Johnson, 57:28. 2. Sarah Latham, 1:05:51. 3. Vicki Francis, 1:13:20. 4. Kay Reddy, 1:13:20. 5. Cecilia Denis, 1:45:10. 5. Sophie Bennett and Sydney Bennett, 1:45:10. 5. Shirley Liburd, 1:45:10.

5K Results. Men: 1. Alric Smith, 27:50. 2. Frank Mahoney, 35:38. 3. Jim Cullimore, 40:59.

Women: 1. Kate Carey, 33:39. 2. Arlene Cullimore, 41:01.