“I Can’t Believe Anything I Am Hearing From This Government”: Hon. Fraser


Third District Representative, and Opposition Member Hon. Julian Fraser boldly accused the Government of faking its airport expansion interest. In a shocking comment the Opposition Member announced in the House of Assembly that he believes that the Government is not serious about the announced plans to extend the runway of the Terrance B Lettsome International airport.

While debating the plan for the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) on 23 October, Hon. Fraser noted that the airport project is listed in the document. However, the Third District Representative said that he feels that the airport expansion falls more under the heading of development as it is not a recovery project.

“I am of the view that we should have been concentrating on the recovery first before getting into new development, which the airport is new development,” he told the House of Assembly.

In sharply questioning government’s intention with the multi-million dollars project Hon. Fraser said: “I know there is no real intention to extend the airport runway through this plan. If this government wanted to extend the airport runway they would have done it, long time ago.”

He further declared, “From the time this government got elected in 2011 they hit the ground running with the airport development project because when they got there it had never stopped it was ongoing all the studies were already completed and the project was a living project. They hit the ground running I know because the Minister was working on that project, but they had no intention of extending that runway.”

“As soon as it came time for them to start the project they told the Minister it is not the right time. 2011 was the right time, 2012 was the right time, 2013, 2014. They went into the elections 2015 preaching that they were going to extend the runway,” Hon. Fraser went on to say.

While noting further expansion announcement times, the Opposition Member said: “It wasn’t the right time, as soon as 2016 came around they told him (Minister) it wasn’t the right time. Now as soon as hurricane came we want to say that it is the right time again…I cannot believe anything that I am hearing Madame Speaker I just can’t believe anything I am hearing from this government.”