Huge Cargo Backlog Threatens Recovery


It was announced that the BVI Ports Authority is working assiduously to clear the huge piles of items that are on the dock; but in the meantime Opposition Member Hon. Julian Fraser declares that the holdup has an effect on rebuilding efforts.

While contributing to the 2018 Budget debate Hon. Fraser told the House of Assembly that more needs to be done to improve the functionality of the port. Hon. Fraser asked Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool to take note of the situation with an aim to implement swift remedial measures.

In fact, Hon. Fraser said that the situation of backlog is very frustrating for residents. “People are complaining about containers on the ports which you know about I don’t have to tell you about it, but…enough is not being done to address the issue.”

The Third District Representative told the House: “When a merchant is going to tell you that he got eight containers, but cannot get his stuff off-loaded and people are waiting for their products and the reason for that is one that no one can explain: something has to give. There are examples elsewhere where merchandise coming into ports are handled in ways other than how we handle them here.”

Additionally, Hon. Fraser asked the Minister to employ other methods at the ports so that people can get their items in a timely manner. “It is no good for you to order your goods in February, it shows up sometime in March and even in the middle of April you cannot get them – they still are on the dock at the port. Everyone is reminding that we are approaching the beginning of a next hurricane season and that’s what scares the living devil out of people. It is not the time that they lapse, it’s the fact that there is an event approaching,” he added.