Huffington Post Blog Highlights Bvi Entrepreneurship


Huffington Post Business recently devoted a large space to “Entrepeneurship in the British Virgin Islands with Stedman Graham”.

Graham recently presented his Identity Leadership Program in the BVI where the community was invited to display their gifts and talents under the banner “Innovation through Giftedness.”

“I’ve dedicated my life to providing a proven methodology and learning management system that teaches you how to organize your life around your identity. This knowledge allows for the application of the gifts of entrepreneurs, and in the BVI, the intention is to propel the achievement of a sustainable socioeconomic vision through a well-defined set of policies, educational programs and business infrastructure.

“The result of the three-day event was the igniting of an entrepreneurial flame within a relatively small but richly diverse group of individuals who collectively have the capacity to change the socioeconomic landscape of the BVI,” Graham wrote.

Graham observed that many people spend a lifetime working below their potential. This is a core reason why the BVI leadership is fostering creativity, entrepreneurialism, and lifelong learning habits necessary for people to thrive in the 21st century, he said.

The “Innovation Through Giftedness” program was executed in the BVI under the leadership of Mr. Meade Malone, CEO MWM Global Holdings, Blue Ocean Enterprises Limited and REVOLT TV.

“The exceptional individuals who answered the call to demonstrate their products and services in a competitive format received instruction and guidance on how to build the foundation for taking their business to the next level. Knowing who they are and the pathway to success….imagine what they will achieve and how they will impact their country,” Graham wrote.