House Of Assembly Speaker And Deputy Speaker Re-Appointed


Dignitaries from the United States Virgin Islands were among those in attendance and observe the taking of oaths by the Members of the Third House of Assembly.
Speaker of the previous House of Assembly, Hon. Ingrid Moses was sworn-in for a second term in the Third House of Assembly; and Fifth District Representative, Hon. Delores Christopher was also re-appointed Deputy Speaker of the  House.

Following the taking of the oaths, Hon. Moses announced that she looks forward to working with members of both sides of the aisle of the House of Assembly and does not take her position as Speaker lightly.   Hon. Moses told the House that she knows that there are many expectations of her in this second term, and stated that her purpose will remain the same — to carry out her task with patience, impartiality and ethics. The Speaker also said that she hopes that all members will be respectful to each other.

“And I will lead the proceedings according to the rules governing this Honourable House when we conduct the people’s business. In return, I expect that all members will be respectful to each other and conduct yourselves with the highest decorum that is expected of you as a member of this House,” she announced.

The Speaker noted that the House of Assembly was labeled with adjectives not fitted to be appended to such a body during the election campaign, and she announced that together with the members they can work to maintain the integrity of the House.
She also expressed hope that the House will commence on time and called on the senior members to guide the new members. Hon. Moses also urged and encouraged Legislators to read and get conversant with the Constitution and Standing Orders: “Honourable members, I again urge and encourage you to read and get to know the Constitution, the Standing Orders and all other rules governing this House. They form the bedrock from which we will begin our four-year journey together in this House. Be vigilant and pre-read, if possible, all papers relative to the Order Paper and have an outline for your contribution to debates so it can be timely, on point, robust and fruitful,” the Speaker advised.

“So I pledge to work with you tirelessly to assist you, as together we work to maintain the integrity of each sitting and uphold the noble standards of this Honourable House; and to bring reality to the wish of the people by commencing the proceedings of this Honourable House promptly at 10:00 am,”  Hon. Moses stated.