Hot Shots diffuse Power Outage, 11-10 in Borrows tourney | Island Sun

Hot Shots diffuse Power Outage, 11-10 in Borrows tourney

Hot Shots’ Tom Chapman is tagged out at home plate by Power Outage’s Kyle Callwood 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

BVI Softball Association league new comers Hot Shots, pulled out a thrilling 11-10 Saturday night victory in the George “Shawala” Borrows Memorial Tournament at the E. Walwyn Brewley Softball Park. Inclement weather wiped out Sunday’s games.

The Hot Shots traded punches with defending champions Power Outage, who hasn’t lost a game since play resumed with the association’s pre season tournament in July. Trailing 10-9 in their last at bat in the bottom of the fifth, they came up with two runs for a wild celebration after an 11-10 victory.

Erwin “Redz” Telemaque lined a single and Gainsy Rabsatt raced home with the winning run. 

“This was a big game for us,” Hot Shots manager Eli “Yampi” Nibbs told Island Sun Sports. “The first time we played, we had them the same way, but they nosed us out and they got one run more than us. But tonight, this game was going one here, one there. I told my guys, ‘listen, all you have to do is get one man out’ and as long as we got them out at 10-10, I said we’d win the game and so said so done.”

When asked how the victory sets him up for the upcoming season scheduled to start on Feb 6, 2021, Nibbs said he feels that he has a good shot at contending for the title. 

“Power Outage is one of the strongest teams in the league so I feel comfortable,” he said. “And I feel happy with my players because they’re playing tight games. The two games we played were very tight. We won this one 11-10, so that was nice.”

Power Outage’s Coach Roy Barry told Island Sun Sports that his team played terrible on Saturday night.

“First and foremost, our offense is very flat, at the end of the night we scored 10 runs and still couldn’t hold the team on our defensive end,” he noted. “Our pitchers were wild tonight and we made a lot of miscues and we had a lot of past balls and that’s what led to us losing the game.”

While his team hasn’t loss in a while, Barry said he expects to lose sometime. When asked about the Hot Shots, he said they continued to fight.

“Apparently they wanted the game more than us,” he noted. “We’re so comfortable winning all the time that we relaxed and they continued to press on, so, they were victorious.”

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