Hon. Walwyn Shocked By T-Shirt

Honourable Myron Walwyn

Honourable Myron Walwyn

Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn expressed outrage that persons have been using homeless citizens as billboards by donning them on shirts inscribed “NDP Must Go!”

On 8 April, 2014, Hon. Walwyn during his contribution to the National Health Insurance Bill told his colleagues: “I saw something much to my shock and horror where some mentally ill people were walking around with a tee-shirt marked ‘NDP Must Go’. I was shocked and I am still sick to my stomach with it.”

The Minister of Culture added: “That is what we are doing with our mentally ill; that is how serious we are about our country that you can take our mentally ill people and use them like common cattle and like a billboard. This is what this country has come to?”

Hon. Walwyn announced that he is embarrassed at the way mentally ill persons are treated, and in reference to the shocking tee-shirt stated that he knows who the culprits are who dressed the mentally ill persons in the shirts and will expose them when the time is right:

“I know who they are and I will call their names at the appropriate time. They know who they are, and their little minions around them doing these things to our people! How dare you do that! Do you know if they ate for the day; if he took medication? Do you know where he is sleeping tonight? You could put a shirt on him like he is some kind of billboard around town, making a fool of our mentally ill people. That is how serious we take our country. It is a serious matter; very serious matter,” he went on to say.

The erudite Legislator, in driving his point further home, reminded his colleagues that a society is judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable people – children, mentally ill and elderly, and added: “What I saw last week, the judgement on us would not be good until we make some hard decisions.”