Hon. Walwyn Rebukes Fault-Finders


Minister for Education and Culture Hon. Myron Walwyn has bashed persons deemed to be nay-sayers and fault-finders who spend time just searching for things to criticize.

The Minister who noted that he is bewildered at times by the negativity, said that it appears some are just tasked with pointing out the bad. “Sometimes we sit down and we just find fault in every little thing,” he declared while speaking in the Other Business section of the 14 August House of Assembly sitting.

Hon. Walwyn pointed a finger at some of the talk shows, which he says often highlight bad things that are happening in the BVI. “I listen sometimes to talk shows and to hear some of them up there it’s like there’s nothing good happening in the Virgin Islands. It looks as though they sit down there the night before the talk show and think about all the bad, the worst things that we can say, but there are good things as well,” Hon. Walwyn noted.

He said that much good news can be found and he used the accomplishment of various local athletes as an example. “There are very good things happening in the Virgin Islands particularly with our athletes – the Kyron McMasters, and the Chantel Malone and the Eldred Henry, they are going out there and making us proud on the world stage.

While stressing that some dwell on the bad Hon. Walwyn said: “We have to get out of the doldrum of always finding the lowest and the nastiest and the worst things to say about the society. Then when you hear the good things, or when the good things happen you don’t hear much of it at all.”