Hon. Walwyn Emphasizes Importance Of Agriculture


The importance of agriculture to food security was underscored by Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn during the 23rd Annual H. Lavity Stoutt Memorial Celebration and 18th Wreath Laying Ceremony.

As he reflected on the life and legacy of the late Hamilton Lavity Stoutt Hon. Walwyn noted that the first BVI Chief Minister understood the importance of agriculture.  Hon. Walwyn also pointed out that in those days agriculture was viewed differently than it is today: “It is no secret that agriculture was the way of life and survival in the early years of our existence as a Territory.  Men and women toiled these lands to ensure that there was food for their families and also enough so that they could make a living. Throughout our progression, however, this reliance on agriculture shifted and we no longer relied as heavily on this industry as we did in the past,” the Minister explained.

He also mentioned that that the post hurricane experience where persons lined up at supermarkets in order to purchase food is a glimpse of how important agriculture is: “Immediately after the hurricanes, we can all remember standing in lines at the supermarkets for several hours —   feeling a bit uneasy because we were unsure if there would be food once we finally got inside.”

“These instances could have perhaps been avoided if each of us did our own little part to keep the agricultural sector alive. Lavity Stoutt, in recognising this   misstep, would have actively pursued various ways to get persons to once again recognise the importance of agriculture and starting their own gardens — and this is something that I dare say we must all endeavor to do now,” Hon. Walwyn added.