HON. Vanterpool Confirms He Will Run As NDP Candidate


After announcing that he would not be contesting the 2019 general elections, Minister for Communications and Works Hon. Mark Vanterpool has changed his mind and announced that he is once again running to represent the Fourth District.

The Minister declared at the NDP Commitment Ceremony that was held on 10 December that he is going to be on the campaign trail once again as a candidate. He said “I am anxious to work with the National Democratic Party. I am very interested in our country going forward and seeing it strengthen and any way that I can do that I am very anxious to seeing that going forward.”

However, it is no secret that the National Democratic Party has been fractured since the June internal elections which saw the passing of the leadership mantle. Since then there has been an exodus of a few members of the Party.

When asked how big an influence the current state of the NDP had on his decision to run again and whether that was the main motivator for his decision Hon. Vanterpool said: “It (decision) has to do with Mark Vanterpool who loves his country, who served his country from the time he was 18 in Basketball federation…in other organizations …in 1999 elected to serve the country, kicked out in 2007.”

“I am happy for the contribution I’ve been able to make under the leadership of Dr. D. Orlando Smith – I am happy to learn. I hope that my people in the Fourth District will allow me to serve again,” he added.

However, Chairman of the NDP Hon. Myron Walwyn disclosed that indeed Hon. Vanterpool was moved to consider another term after noting that members were leaving. Hon. Walwyn told the media: “Hon. Mark Vanterpool was saying that he was going to hang up his hat and I was asking – Mark come back and assist, he said I will have to pray about it. When he saw people leaving the Party – the senior ones, he said to me I will come back and support you and Marlon.”