Hon. Turnbull Wants CGB Police Station Reopened


Against a backdrop of shouts and cheers Second District Representative, Hon. Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull announced that he will keep agitating until the Cane Garden Bay police station is manned.

The Representative declared that he is still peeved by the Commissioner of Police response to his complaint about the closure of the Cane Garden Bay station during the Standing Finance Committee deliberations. It was noted that the Commissioner told Hon. Turnbull during Standing Finance Committee deliberations that due to insufficient resources the decision was made to service the areas of the Second District from the West End station.

“I will not stop until we have that Police Station reopened,” the Representative told his constituents during his District address on 26 February.

In noting his dissatisfaction with the closure of the Station, Hon. Turnbull announced: “Now we have a little situation that’s been going on a little longer than I’ve been elected as it relates to the Cane Garden Bay Police Station, and if you are reading the news and paying attention to what is going on in the country.”

In noting his plan to agitate until something is done about the Cane Garden Bay Police Station situation, Hon. Turnbull declared: “Well I want to make it clear that I will not stop. I will not sit by, and I will not remain quiet because we are paying thousands and thousands of dollars per month for that police station to leave it unmanned. To leave the citizens of Cane Garden Bay, Windy Hill, Ballast Bay …unsecured. We need to have it manned: there is not much time for excuses.”