Hon. Skelton Renews “Cash Flow” Concerns


Minister of Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton has once again declared that the Territory has a cash flow problem.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on 11 August during the debate of the Public Account Committees Report on the cruise pier project Hon. Skelton announced that Government has a large monthly expense, and manages in spite of the cash shortcomings.

“Our cash flow situation is different than our financial balance sheet and profit and loss system. The cash is not coming as fast as we would like it to come. Cash flow is a very important requirement…this government needs $20M a month at least to make it operate and the financial services and customs duties and these things, and every time they try to make people who can afford to  pay, pay for something it could become a national crisis,” he stated.

This is the second time this year that the Minister has made this announcement, he first announced that there was a cash flow matter during the 13 June sitting of the House of Assembly.

At that time the Minister said: “We have money problems; let us not fool ourselves. We have cash flow problems, not money problems. The Government needs $20M every month just to pay its bills and all of us who go through the budget book will see it. So it is nothing hidden. You need $20M a month to pay and keep the Government running.”