Hon. Skelton Discusses High School Wall


Former Cabinet member and previous Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Ronnie Skelton is distancing himself from the issues reported in the Auditor General report on the Elmore Stoutt High School perimeter wall. The former NDP member told the media on Tuesday that although he was part of the decision making process in Cabinet he is not in agreement with aspects of the project execution.

The comment about the wall was made by Hon. Skelton during his press conference on Tuesday to answer questions relating to his and Second District Representative, Hon. Mitch Turnbull’s departure from the ruling party.

In his opening statement Hon. Skelton told the media there is quite sufficient blame for the flagbearers of the NDP including himself as it relates to certain matters. In relating specifically to the matter involving the school wall the At Large representative said that he has concerns.

“I must say from the beginning these things or the idea and the concept of them are really important. Protecting our children at the high school is extremely important. I voted for the wall to be built. The implementation of it is a different animal. I was not involved in the implementation of the wall.”

The perimeter wall of the Elmore Stoutt High school was deemed a necessary and urgent security and safety promotion mechanism and as such was approved by Cabinet for construction. However, following various cost rumors former Governor John Duncan requested an audit of the project.