Hon. Ralph O’Neal delves into Rumours & Revelations


ONEALralph--rgbLeader of the Opposition, and Former Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Chairman Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal while endorsing Virgin Islands Party Ninth District Candidate, Elton “All Out” Sprauve lashed out against rumours that he said are being circulated against him, and his promise to take to the airwaves to make certain announcements.

In announcing his support for Mr. Sprauve, Hon. O’Neal said: “I have to do all I can to support him because I understand there is an apple crop of people running.”

The former VIP Chairman announced that there is a culture developing in the BVI where the small man is not considered, and he said that he prepared to defend against that culture at anytime, because the VIP has to defend the small man.

 Rumour About Him

The Leader of the Opposition announced that there is a rumour circulating claiming that he has joined the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP). In addressing the rumour, Hon. O’Neal said: “Now there is a rumour going around about me, but I am a person, thank God,  when I hear these rumours about myself I shake my shoulders; and say that is that to them.”

“The rumour is that I am with the NDP! How I goin be with the NDP, when I am a paying full member of the Virgin Islands Party? How, I goin be with them! They don’t want me, and I don’t think I should want them. So, I would like to make it abundantly clear that that is just rumours.”
As it relates to his relationship with members of Government, Hon. O’Neal said: “I get along with the 12 other candidates that are in the House of Assembly. I talk and laugh with them, shake hands with them, and whether they like me or not I don’t care because I have a duty to do. I am not going to pass my colleagues on the street, in the office, and not say hello to them.”
Elections Fever

Hon. O’Neal said that he was not surprised when VIP President Carvin Malone informed him that there was going to be early elections. He told the gathering: “When Mr Malone (Carvin) was telling me that he suspects that the elections would be held on the 5 July, I could not doubt him; because I could see what was happening, (they) were working up to a scheme where they will present what they might call a lot of work for a month or two; and then have the elections hoping that the people would say oh well they give us work, so let us go and vote for them.”

Hon. O’Neal also alleged that some 200, or 250 Belonger statuses were given out recently. “I understand that civil servants were calling Belonger people on Sunday telling them to come for their papers, and then go to register…But let me tell you I believe that when God says it is enough, it is enough; and when he does what he has to do, no man can interfere with it.”

Endorsement of New VIP Chair

The great statesman endorsed the new Party head, Hon. Julian Fraser: “This gentleman here — Fraser, he is now Chairman of the Party and they are spreading all kinds of rumours on him too. They say how he is this, how he is that, the other and so on. I have worked with the man.”  “I have worked with him, and he is a good thinker. He is a very good thinker and some of the people who they think they have would tell you that their side has the best and brightest set for Council members. So did you mean we had lawyer — QC, we had an architect, we had Fahie who went to college was a teacher, you mean they ain’t got no brain,”  Hon. O’Neal added.

As it relates to the financial claims of the Government, Hon. O’Neal announced that he is going to make an announcement on the matter: “I know they are making a big thing about finances and management, but I am going on the air. As you know there is a saying in Revelation and the book was opened and another book was opened. Well I am going to open the other book and it’s going to be heavy,” Hon. O’Neal said.