Hon. Pickering Says Rumors Are “FOOLISHNESS”


“Absolute nonsense,” Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering declared in the House of Assembly on 15 December as he lashed out against rumors that he was joining the Virgin Islands Party (VIP).

Hon. Pickering passionately dismissed the rumors towards the end of his budget debate contributions. The Minister said: “I want to say it publicly; whether it’s people in my organization perpetrating it or people outside my organization. Dr. D. Orlando Smith and I have been together since 1986 and working. We have been working together for the last 22 years on a daily basis. We have been through some rough times in that operating room in the wee hours in the morning. Nobody can understand that and to think people could use me and talk foolishness,”

Dr. Pickering suggested that perhaps the rumors originate  from the fact that he gets along with the Opposition Leader, Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal but explained that his fondness for Hon. O’Neal stems from respect: “I got the greatest respect for the Leader of the Opposition and people see my relationship with him and people can talk about I going to join the VIP. I have respect for my colleagues; all of us have either been here together or they have been here before me. There is a comradery, but those who are perpetrating it and trying to cast aspersion on my character I want to say publicly, stop that foolishness. I ain’t going nowhere,”

The Legislator said that his political career is not motivated by power, and emphasised that this has never been his motivator: “There are people who are trying to make me look like whatever. I have my own weaknesses and I have my own shenanigans as an individual, but that ain’t one of them. I ain’t never been in here looking for power; my history says that. I buy my time. I was in opposition twice in the back bench. I never come in here looking for no position and I ain’t going to be looking none now. Any position that comes my way I will be ready to deal with it.”

“When Dr Smith leaves this country and the Government appoints me acting Premier he could sleep wherever he is. I am an original member of this organization; I ain’t going nowhere, ain’t nothing nobody could offer me. I want to make that clear and hope that rumors die down,” Hon. Pickering added.