Hon. Pickering holds Fishermen’s Meeting


“There’s an app for that,” Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering told some of the Territory’s fisher-persons during a meeting on Monday 9 May.

Stakeholders of the Territory’s fishing industry gathered at the Fishlock Hall at the JR O’Neal Botanical Garden with the aim of finally establishing the needed Fisheries Advisory Committee – an organization that is needed to guide the development of the fishing sector.

In his address to the gathering the Minister for Natural Resources announced that the industry needs to be structured, developed and left in a rewarding state for the next generation. He also stressed the need for technology to be used in the fishing trade.

He told the stakeholders: “The fish are out there, we have some of the best waters on the north and south drop. How do we exploit it…We now have arrived at a level of development in our country where we have access to information, we have access to tools.”

“I am told that there are apps now that you can put on your phone that when you leave shore you know exactly where you are going. GPS is on your phone it tells you where tuna is today, what time they are going to be moving,” the Minister explained.

In stressing the need for a more technological approach Hon. Pickering said: “There is an app for every single thing that you want to do. How we educate ourselves to take advantage of that, how we develop the science of the fishing industry; and utilize the knowledge is what is going to determine whether we are successful or not.”

The use of GPS was especially emphasized by the Deputy Premier who explained that the navigation technology takes the guess work out of location plotting: “Nobody in here, who is a fisherman get in a boat and decide I going fishing and don’t have a clue where you going. When I used to go fishing with my father and other fishermen from the community they had their GPS. You know how their GPS was plotted? It was based on you bring up that point there and then you bring up that point there and you know you’re on two points or you are on this point.”

“We came from that, to where we are now. None of you here, going out like that! Most of you going out with your GPS — you know exactly the coordinates of where you are going. You know exactly where that tuna is, where that wahoo is, where that king fish is,” the Minister stated.