Hon. Pickering Dispels “Disgusting” Rumours


Hon-K-PickeringVarious rumours that were circulating about Deputy Premier, Minister for Natural Resources and Labour and incumbent Seventh District Representative, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering were allayed at his campaign that was held at the Stickett on 21 May.

Among the rumours that were addressed by the Deputy Premier was the talk that he was adopted. Hon. Pickering told the gathering that he is surprised that such a tale continues to be circulated. He announced that his father was adopted, but stated that he was born here.

“I heard some stuff about me recently that had me wondering if they were really talking about me…I heard somebody say there were some people going around in this community saying that I ain’t from here, I from Cuba and selling out the country, they should get rid of me. I was so concerned about that, I went to check my birth certificate…I have to reassure you that yes, yes I was born here,” Hon. Pickering declared.

In further addressing the adoption rumour, Hon. Pickering stated: “There is something I need to say. My father was an orphan. He was born in Cuba, he was brought here in 1932 on one of the Virgin Islands sloops by my adopted grandfather Alvin Pickering, who adopted him…Understand the history of what is going on because it is important to today’s BVI. He was brought here at the age of seven.”

“The name that I carry, I have done nothing less than to try and elevate the name. I have done nothing than to bring prominence to it and I think that the Lord would be proud of me that I have used my talents and invested them wisely. God forbid, somebody now picking up the same name them drop to use it for personal and political gains; the same name. I will leave it at that. So whether I am a real Pickering or not, I am a Pickering…I don’t need anybody to remind me that my name is an adopted name, but the subtleness and subliminal message behind it is that my name is an adopted name, so I am not ‘a real Pickering’. Understand it people, but it is downright disgusting, distasteful. I tell ayo, them who posted on social media that I have been sleeping for the last 16 years, you should have let sleeping dogs lie,” the Seventh District Representative declared.

Hon. Pickering also announced that unlike his opponent he still resides in the District: “Unlike some, I am actually registered in the District I live in and I am running to represent. I live on the same house spot on which I grew up. I do not have to take time to walk through the community to canvass votes a month before election because I live here. I have lived here all my life. I go to the same church that I grew up going to. I don’t have to show up because of election… I have been involved in every single thing in this community from the time I was a little boy…They got people coming around here telling you I ain’t from here; where dem come from?”