Hon. O’Neal believes in Common Touch and Being Humble


Leader of the Opposition, Ninth District Representative, long serving Legislator and first Premier of the BVI, Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal took a swipe at persons who are not humble and refuse to speak to persons who they deem to be of a lower class.

Hon. O’Neal made the comment during his speech at the opening of the Virgin Gorda 2015 Easter Festival Village which was named in his honour.

The Opposition Leader alluded to the importance of being humble and stated that this is one of the qualities that he continues to pray for. In fact, Hon. O’Neal shared this little known fact about him during his address. He said: “I would like you to know, when my wife and I say our morning prayers, I ask the Lord to make and keep me humble.”

In explaining why he prays for humility, the Legislator said: “You know when some people are doing so and so they think that they can’t speak to somebody they think is not their class, but I can’t be like that.” he said.

Hon. O’Neal has a great track record as a political leader who consistently accepts invitations to events, inaugurations, church services, non profit organisations events, charity events, fund-raisers, celebrations, birthdays, weddings, funerals, and community-oriented initiatives. One non profit organisation (NPO) president told this newspaper that his club staged ten special annual events and Hon. O’Neal attended all of them while many other politicians did not: “Even when he was Chief Minister and Premier he found time to attend and to deliver a well-wishing speech, now that is how true statesman ought to be,” the NPO president said.