In a shocking and unexpected move Sixth District Representative Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines announced to the media on 20 January that she had joined the ruling Virgin Islands Party (VIP) and resigned from the main Opposition — National Democratic Party (NDP).

During the press conference Hon. Maduro-Caines told the media: “I tendered my resignation from my former political party and have decided to join the VIP and become a member of the sitting government in the House of Assembly and to pledge my support to the Honourable Andrew A. Fahie and his government in the furtherance of the vision of transforming the Virgin Islands into a leading regional economy and to the uplifting of Virgin Islanders across the Territory.”

The Sixth District Representative explained that her decision was influenced by the plan and vision of the Government as she stated that she truly believes that this was a good road map for moving the Territory forward. Hon. Maduro-Caines said that she believes that Hon. Fahie is able to help the Territory to survive economic storms. “I have known Premier Fahie for many years, and I believe he is firmly rooted in his philosophy and his values. I believe he is a genuine productive leader and that he is serious and committed to the transformation of the BVI and the local economy.” 

The District Representative emphasized that she did not make the decision lightly or hastily. “Over the past several weeks I have been in deep contemplation and prayer over the challenges facing our Territory and our people, particularly in the context of the international business climate. I am convinced that our territory needs all hands on deck, working together to overcome these trials. Having considered the vision for the territory that has been laid out by our Honourable Premier in his 2019 budget address, I believe that this is a plan that can make strides in positioning the BVI where it needs to be to secure the present and the future for all Virgin Islanders.”

While Hon. Maduro-Caines said that she was only able to tell a few of her constituents that she was switching party she said that her constituents were a big consideration in her decision. “This decision come out of deep thoughts and prayers over a prolonged period. I have not been made any promises or offers… nor have I asked for any. I simply want what is best for our Territory and I believe that what is best for the BVI at this time, is for all patriotic Virgin Islanders to be working together on one common goal, which is the betterment and security of these islands,” she said.

When asked how this decision might be interpreted by not only her constituents but persons in the Territory in general Hon. Maduro-Caines said, “I look forward to working with the members of the Government towards building a better, stronger BVI and towards creating and enabling an environment for our people.”

“Moving over to the Virgin Islands Party does not change me as a representative, it does not change me as a person, I will still be the same Alvera Maduro-Caines doing the work for the people and I do believe I would be able to accomplish more …I simply want what is best for our Territory,” she added.

“It isn’t an easy thing,” Premier Hon. Andrew Fahie said as he stated that Hon. Maduro-Caines’ decision should not be taken lightly as he deems it a courageous step towards building a better BVI. “I would like to welcome her to our team and each member of our team also welcomes Honorable Alvera Maduro-Caines”.

“There is a lot of work that needs to be done and we need as many hands on deck as we can get. Your Government is willing to work with anyone who has good intentions and who is willing to work with us for the pursuit of our vision for a resilient and prosperous Virgin Islands,” the Premier stated.

Following the annoucement Hon. Fahie mentioned that the members of the Party were going to accompany Hon. Maduro-Caines in a walk through her District to hear the view of her constituents and understand their needs.