Hon. Maduro-caines Issues Ultimatum


Sixth District Representative, Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines is steadfast on her mission to complete the Baughers Bay Fisherman’s Wharf project and is not going to let the owners of derelict boats and containers stand in her way.

The proactive District Representative announced in the House of Assembly on 14 August that she is ready to take actions against the persons who refuse to remove those items. She said that it has gotten now to the point of action because appeals have failed.

Hon. Maduro-Caines said, “I am making means to finish the project on the Baughers Bay Fishermans Wharf. I have sent out three notices for persons to remove trailers, old boats, containers on that strip of land adjacent to the Fishermans Wharf. I am going to make my final appeal – get with the departments to put stickers on these items that are there that are holding back the progress of getting that Fishermans Wharf sorted out.”

The District Representative noted that she has tried repeatedly to commence the project by clearing the area but each time the call is made for the items to be moved nothing happens. “Many seem not to be listening to me, or care to listen because I have not seen anything move from that strip of land. I might have to use some kind of force in order for us to get this project sorted out for us to get this moving. So this is my final warning for those who have containers, old boats, anything on that property please I am asking.”

Last year Hon. Maduro-Caines commenced her complaint about the items not being moved from the area. The Sixth District Representative said: “We have been plagued with this problem for some time now. We need to have those boats removed. One of the problems is that most of those boat owners don’t reside or live in the Sixth District.”

Last year during the budget debate Hon. Maduro-Caines also asked that Government make budgetary contribution to have the area cleared: “I would like to see somewhere in this budget, a line item that speaks to this issue. Monies being allocated just for the removal of derelict boats, derelict vehicles, old furniture and appliances that are just left on the roadside.”

“I am asking our people to have some self-pride and national pride, and take your old used belongings, whether it is appliances, boat and vehicles, take them to the dump and not leave them on the roadside. This is not pleasing at all,” she added.

“Hon. Maduro is right, what is happening is an insult to the members of the 6th District community, it is time that Government take drastic measures,” a Baugher’s Bay resident told The Island Sun.