Hon. Fraser Points Finger At Misleading Statements


Chairman of the Progressives United Party and the Representative of the Third District Hon. Julian Fraser is offended that persons are saying that he was absent after hurricane Irma.

Mr. Fraser stated his disappointment that such a talk was going forward during the Private Members business section of the 23 January sitting of the House of Assembly.

In raising the complaint he said: “I am so weary of the double talk, misleading statements and the convoluted behavior of this government when it comes to dealing with people upfront and telling the truth.”

He announced that he was very active in his representation following hurricane Irma contrary to what is being said. “I was reflecting, I reflected on hurricane Irma and what took place in the days and weeks and months following Irma. I was thinking the kind of work that myself and those people who assisted me put in that building, leaking, floods, swamped. We went in there (community centre) and we distributed the foods for the people who needed; all the supplies that came here.”

“I looked around and I can see the people’s yards that we cleaned, the roads that we cleaned. For months we have been doing that; and yet for sure it was one of the first times I have ever seen a District Representative was able to function in the way I functioned – every District Representative is out there doing the same thing; and yet we would have some people talking about ‘when hurricane Irma came the District Representative couldn’t be found’ and all kinds of nonsense,” Hon. Fraser said.

He explained that like other members of the House of Assembly he was attending planning meetings during the hurricanes’ aftermath, and still finding time to attend to his constituents, but still this is not being acknowledged.

“Madam Speaker can you imagine, I know that every member in this House sat down in that hospital building around a long table and when you leave there it’s dark and you still have to go out and do your work. Yet you hear people talking that nonsense, but I got news for them because last time I checked I didn’t have any stitches in my lips and my tongue was still rolling. I have news for all those people,” he said.

Furthermore, Hon. Fraser mentioned that the community centre is being repaired and some necessary changes were not done: “I see they are fixing the community centre. They fixed the roof and now they are putting in two windows out of 20; the other 18 damaged but they’re not going to change them.”

Nonetheless, the District Representative said that the final say on who will be the next representative of the Third District will be made by the residents: “It is their (constituents) decision to make. I present my case to them each election and they make the decision, and I think that I serve them and I serve them well. This time around like I did last time I am putting myself in the position to serve the Territory if everything goes according to plan.”