Hon. Fraser holds Public Meeting in JVD


Third District Representative, and Virgin Islands Party Chairman, Hon. Julian Fraser said that he is aware that people are judging him without even knowing him.

Hon. Fraser made that comment during the public meeting that was held on 16 July in Jost Van Dyke.  In his address to the residents on the sister island, Hon. Fraser said: “I know there are those among you who have been critical of me without even knowing the facts.”

“I know I got a lot of blame both here in Jost Van Dyke and in other Districts for everything that went wrong, but I am here to let you know that that was all out of convenience, and totally unfair.”

Hon. Fraser announced that while some persons insist in highlighting negative points about his tenure, there are many positives: “I was the Minister who signed the contract with Ocean Conversion to produce the first gallon of water here on Jost Van Dyke. I was also the Minister who signed the contract extension with the same Ocean Conversion to expand the same water plant some four years later. I was the minister who commissioned the consultant to design the bridge and culvert works on the main road to Little Harbour.”

“I was also the Minister who went to Barbados to negotiate with the Caribbean Development Bank for the money to build that same bridge and culvert to Little Harbour. As Minister for Communications and Works, I made sure that every District Representative was given an equal share of money for infrastructural work in their districts.  In the case of Jost Van Dyke an additional $500,000 was given to the Representative. I made it a point not to interfere in the operations within a District, it was the prerogative of the Representative to do as he saw fit within his District,” he added.