Hon. Fraser displeased by Renumbering


Members of the Opposition voted against the renumbering of the Order Paper of the House of Assembly during the sitting of February 12.

The division was called after Third District Representative, and Opposition Member Hon. Julian Fraser expressed his displeasure at a Motion that was moved by Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith for the questions and answers section be held before the private members business segment.

Hon. Fraser objected to the motion and said that it appears a norm for the questions and answers section to be shifted, and he stated that he was not happy with the occurrence.
The Third District Representative stated that the questions provide a means for the public to get information, and people who make time in their schedule to listen to that segment are affected by the changes.

In response to Hon. Fraser’s statement, Premier Hon. Orlando Smith noted that the main function of the House of Assembly is the business of the Territory, and sometimes after dealing with the questions and answers the Members are not fully able to deal with other important matters of the sitting.