Hon. Fraser Concerned About Unkept Hill Vegetation


Leader of the Opposition and Third District Representative Hon. Julian Fraser bemoaned the uncut state of a hill in his District that his constituents deem a traffic hazard.

In a weekend announcement Hon. Fraser said that someone on Facebook sent him a message complaining about the current state of the hill. Hon. Fraser said the writer questioned: “Julian Fraser RA since when elevator hill became one way. Almost got hit twice driving to see my son last night. The bush needs cutting, real real bad!!!! Do I have to put that other guy on the job to get stuff done in that District?”

In agreement with the writer that the road has a situation with overgrown trees, Hon. Fraser explained that efforts to prune the area have been dragging on. He noted that the work started months ago, but is constantly interrupted.

“Since August 2016 bush cutting started on this road. At that time they started from the top by Adams, and came down to Collin Hill as far as Short and Walters residence, approximately 1/3 of the road,” the Opposition Leader explained.

He added: “Now January 22nd, they cut another 1/3 from Drake’s Highway at the bottom up to the Reservoir. Hope it doesn’t take another 5 months before the other 1/3 gets cut…”