Hon. Fraser Baffled By Government Checks Bouncing


Third District Representative, and Opposition Member, Hon. Julian Fraser announced in the House of Assembly on 8 April 2014 that he was curious to know why checks issued by the Government were bouncing.

During the Other Business segment of the House of Assembly, Hon. Fraser explained that the bounced check matter was reported to him by residents and confirmed when a check that was issued to him also bounced which prompted the Legislator to ask for an official explanation.

Hon. Fraser told the House: “Some weeks ago, I got a call from an individual telling me they had a check from the Treasury that bounced, a Government check, and it was a substantial amount of money.”

He explained that such a situation may end up embarrassing business owners who might deposit their government checks and write checks assuming they have money in their accounts, and end up also writing bouncing checks unintentionally.

“I do not want people say Fraser is spreading rumours, because I have one such check that bounced in my hands right here — for a $149.00, and it’s payable to me, so I am not spreading any rumour. I think that if it is happening to me, it is happening to a whole lot of people and I think the public deserves an explanation,” he said.

“I keep hearing the stories about checks being bounced from the Government treasury, and I have not heard a single statement from Government regarding it. Whether it is in the form of an apology or an explanation as to why is this happening; what is the reason for it to happen? For all the years that I have been around government in this place, I have never heard of government checks bouncing.”

The seasoned legislator added: “For all the years that I have been around Government in this place, I have never heard about Government checks bouncing.”

In response Premier, and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith confirmed that indeed some checks bounced but noted that the matter was rectified: “indeed there was a check or two that bounced but that was because there was a misunderstanding with the bank that was corrected very quickly after the incident occurred and the situation is now stabilized,” the Premier noted.