Hon. Fahie Is VIP’s New Chairman


Newly elected Chairman of the of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie said that he is not interested in making any move that would divide the Party and as such is not keen at the moment on pushing to become the Leader of the Opposition. Moments after being elected Hon. Fahie also noted that the incumbent National Democratic Party will try to discredit him.
Hon. Fahie who scored more points than current Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Julian Fraser during the 30 November internal elections stated that he is aware that there are hard times ahead: “The politics of it is that I am the Chairman now, so politics is as such where they are going to try to discredit me. I could see it coming from a mile, but it’s going to be a fight,” he told reporters.
However, Hon. Fahie said that his aim is to continue to represent the people of the Territory at all times and stand up for what is right.
The Opposition Member stated that at the moment he is not focusing heavily on the NDP: “… really and truly, my sights are not focused 100 percent on the NDP, because my bar is set higher than the NDP, because our goals are above what we are looking for with the NDP.” “While they are the sitting government, and you must be conscious of that, our goals are above them,” he added.
As it relates to the Leader of the Opposition title, Hon. Fahie said: “It’s something that deals with the Governor, so I will not be running behind that to create any confusion like that…My aim is to build the Virgin Islands Party and to leave it better than I met it. So I am just going to focus on that and the rest is in the hands of God,”
“I don’t want to do anything that people perceive as dividing us. That is not my aim…I don’t want to press into that matter…Above my pay-scale; that is the Governor’s call and as the Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party, that is what I am going to stick with,” he added.