Hon. Fahie Says Malicious Rumors Will Strengthen His Determination


First District Representative, and newly appointed Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that his name is attacked by rumors.

During his annual First District report, which was delivered on 28 January the Representative announced that of recent his character is being assassinated: “As I continue to work for, and on behalf of the people there are some who are determined to seek to undermine and assassinate my good name, reputation, integrity and good character. For the past fifteen years, their efforts have been unsuccessful and will continue to be unsuccessful.”

The VIP Chairman announced that the undermining activities are based on malicious intentions, gossip and mischief. “For fifteen long years, there are those who continue to wish that I, Andrew A. Fahie son of Iris D. Fahie will stumble, and that evil and misfortune will fall upon me and my family.”

Hon. Fahie said that the efforts take the form of propaganda circulating, mischief making, character assassination. However, he noted the efforts have failed and opined that they will continue to fail.

The First District Representative further noted that “The only purpose their misguided, misinformed and evil intentions have served is to further motivate me to continue your fight. Armed with the knowledge of their evil ambitions I, Andrew A. Fahie, humbly inform them that I have nothing to fear, and so will continue to represent you my people of all nine districts fearlessly.”

He went on to state: “Let me make this perfectly clear: this same Andrew who has been an obedient and loyal son to his mother and late father will be obedient and loyal to the Virgin Islands; let me make this perfectly clear: this same Andrew that is a faithful husband to his wife will be faithful to the Virgin Islands…Let me make this perfectly clear: this same Andrew that has gained the trust of the first district voters in five consecutive elections will gain the trust of voters and residents throughout the Virgin Islands.”

“I will not allow their evil intentions to have me looking in my rearview mirror.  I will focus on the windshield of my life and for this Territory.  We have a country to build and build it with a Virgin Islands Party government we shall. Together we will rise!  Together is not the “I” but rather the ‘WE’,“ he added.