Hon. Fahie Says He Is “Not Power Hungry”


First District Representative, and Opposition Virgin Islands Party member, Hon. Andrew Fahie issued a statement this week refuting claims that he was joining the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).

In his statement, Hon. Fahie described the report, which was allegedly done by an online news site, as malicious. He said: “It is with great dismay I have read an apparent malicious intending article posted on one of our BVI’s online news site entitled “Hon. Fahie not commenting on reports of joining the NDP.” How can one comment on something that does not exist is beyond me.”

The alleged article is said to have inferred that Hon. Fahie was switching from the Virgin VIP to the NDP because of his reported meetings with Ministers of Government. However, Hon. Fahie announced that the report is baseless.

“To even insinuate that someone is intending to jump from one political party to another because of meetings being held with the Ministers of Government for the ruling Political Party in power in order to get things done for your constituency and the country is being malicious,” Hon. Fahie declared.

He further announced that his tolerance level is now extremely low for what he described as an ongoing attempt by a few who intend to insinuate doubt in the public’s mind of his loyalty to the Virgin Islands Party among other areas. “The results in the First District of the last five consecutive General Elections in the Virgin Islands for both the District and Territorial level are testament to the majority of the people of the First District’s loyalty to the Virgin Islands Party as well as mine. Figures do not lie, neither does the interpretation of these figures.”

“In addition, my track record in anything or in any organization of which I am a member has been and continues to be consistently one of loyalty cemented in full commitment. To date this has not changed,” he added.

However, the Opposition Member said that the days of blind obedience in any organization, anywhere, is a thing of the past and he stated that he fully understands the motivation behind what he described as “nonfactual and politically malicious conduct.”

The Legislator declared: “Rather than getting involved in actions that will unite us as a people, and as a political party they continue to carry the party down a slippery slope to seek the very thing that they have others organized to claim: that all Fahie is seeking is power!”

Hon. Fahie urged the persons who are maliciously reporting things to refrain from such behavior forthwith. He also announced that contrary to claims, he is not ‘power hungry’. “I have stated before and will state again that power only comes from God, not man. In this regard, I do not need to fight for power because my people of the First District have empowered me….I will not be politically bullied by any one, any group, or any media, to act in a manner to please them while displeasing God, my people of the First District and the entire Virgin Islands.”

Additionally Mr. Fahie stated that he will continue to meet with government officials, private organizations or others that are deemed necessary to deliver the goods to the people of the First District and the people of Territory without compromising his position, transparency, and accountability.

The First District Representative said that he will not be distracted by a few and stated that he had to respond because he could not allow the claims to go unchallenged: “I cannot allow this mischievous behaviour to continuously go unaddressed.”

“Failure to address this matter once and for all will play into their hands of trying to brand my family and I in a negative light to the general public. I always reinforce in the many young people that I speak with on a regular basis to never allow anyone’s opinion of you to become your reality. To those few whose job or more like assignment seems to be to create a false opinion and impression of me as a person,  as a member of the Virgin Islands Party,  as one of this Territory’s elected leaders, I say to those few persons save your energy because those failed attempts will never become I, Andrew A. Fahie’s reality.”