Hon. Fahie Responds To Criticism


A resident was very critical of First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie, because of the present condition of the West End Police Station. The caller disapproved that the Representative was urging the Government to fix the station because the building had been deteriorating before the current Government took office.

During the April 7 edition of the “Speak out BVI” radio program the caller said: “I listened to the House of Assembly a couple weeks back, or couple months back; whatever it is, and I heard the First District Representative talking about the state of the Police Station down there. Sometimes when he gets up in the House of Assembly he says how his people send him there…  my question is this — I would like to know if the Police Station in West End just started deteriorating since the Government changed; or it has been deteriorating for the last 12 years that he been there?”

The caller said: “Now tell me if I running a District, and I been there for 12 years I should know whether my Police Station deteriorate or not within the time I been there; instead of waiting until 2015 when a government change. Now I am not saying that the Government don’t have to do it, the Government has to do what it has to do. But I figure if you running your District for 12 years — I don’t think you should be telling the Government that they should fix the Police Station when you been there for 12 years.”

“You are claiming that the people sent you there then do the work of the people and I figure that that is part of the work of the people. Let’s be for real…people have to learn to be fair. I agree that the Government needs to do the work of the people…but it’s been there before they get in there,” the resident added.

However, another resident informed that contrary to what the first caller said the West End Police station was repaired during the previous Administration.

Hon. Fahie Responds

The accusations and criticisms of the caller during the show was noticed by Hon. Fahie who hours later issued a statement to the media on the matter. The First District Representative acknowledged that repairs were conducted on the building prior to the change of Government, and explained that as district Representative he tried to encourage the necessary repairs.

Hon. Fahie said: “Repairs and maintenance of the West End Police Station and all public structures are ongoing tasks. They are not “one off” exercises. Repairs to the West End Police Station were done numerous times by the last Administration of which I was a Member. The facts will reveal that the then Minister of Finance always ensured that whatever funding was needed by the police was made available forthwith.”

In referencing the callers remarks, Hon. Fahie announced that the deterioration worsened during this Administration: “The current state of the West End Police Station over the last 2 years and not 12 years as is now being suggested could have been minimized and even avoided if the funds to address the problems were made available. Had this been done then this matter would not be a current issue. Had this matter been given the urgent attention it deserved then this would be a non-issue in the public domain,” he said.

The District Representative stated that the concerns about the Police Station as well as possible solutions were mentioned to the relevant authorities numerous times. However, Hon. Fahie explained that both concern and solutions kept falling on deaf ears and that no action was forthcoming.

“Money could not be an issue because the record clearly shows that while this Administration was claiming that the Territory was left broke by the last Administration they still found over eighteen million dollars to spend in consultancy and this list can go on and on in this vein. So money could not be an issue. I know that under this Administration, we cannot get everything that we want in the First District but what I can’t understand is why we can’t get the things that we need. The security of our First District transcends politics,” he added.