Hon. Fahie Responds To Regurgitation Of Old Rumors


Nothing there! Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Andrew Fahie declared as he announced that messages are being circulated about a 2003 rumor that involved him and members of his family. In fact, Hon. Fahie suggested that the rumors were being spread because of his criticism of matters of governance.

In mentioning the rumor and messages during a press conference on Wednesday Hon. Fahie said: “I am not surprised that a 2003 vicious and slanderous attack involving my wife, my children, my mom and I would seek to raise its ugly head once again. After 15 years, one would have thought that there would have been more substance and more credibility in the attack.”

In noting the genesis of the rumors Hon. Fahie explained that in 2002 and 2003, based on rumors, a series of investigations were conducted against his wife, his mother and himself in the BVI and in the United States at request of the BVI, by leading investigating agencies. He said the investigation yielded no fruits. “In two words known to us all these agencies found, Nothing There! Fifteen years later, Nothing There! One hundred years from now, Nothing There!”

In assessing the resurgence of the rumor, Hon. Fahie indicated that he knows the perpetrators. “This time however there are those self-righteous, self-anointed, never done anything wrong hypocrites that are asking me to announce the outcome of the investigations. Shocking request at first but then again it gives an opportunity for me to comfort my well-wishers.”

The Opposition Leader said that in 15 years, after being placed on suspension from her job and being the subject of internal investigations his wife received promotions and now holds one the most senior positions in the bank and is well respected and trusted by her peers.

Hon. Fahie said that he now has the name of the agency and of the high officials that lodged the false allegations against him and his wife. He also listed a number of his accomplishments since the rumors started including becoming Leader of the Opposition.

Hon. Fahie said he watched with interest that the perpetrators have gone as far as updating Wikipedia and the various search engines to keep this 15-year story in the forefront. “Two words, Nothing There! …Why now? Why the resurgence of a 15-year old dead story? Let me take an informed guess!”

“Could it be that I have been like a lone voice in the territory calling for Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance? Could it be that I call for a stop to conflict of interest and to the issuance of contracts to one another in the House of Assembly! Could it be that I continue to expose that this country has spent over $2.1 billion dollars in the 7 years since the elections of 2011 and had failed to produce a single audited financial statement to the House of Assembly! Could it be that I have demanded the return of $7.2 million dollars and stopped further advances of over $10 million dollars to a plane that will not fly,” he pointed out.

The Opposition Leader added, “I am not sure what sparked the sudden interest but of this I can assure you – I will remain relentless! One of the many roles of the Leader of the Opposition is that of holding the Government accountable for the finances and adherence to the Constitution and the Rule-of-Law. We will not and cannot get access to over $450 million dollars of redevelopment funds or loans until the Constitutional breaches are corrected!”