Hon. Fahie Reports Land Registry Irregularities


Leader of the Opposition, and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie said that he is hoping that the Human Rights Commission legislation that was debated in the House of Assembly on 9 October will be able to provide recourse for some persons whose land was being affected unjustly within a government department.

The complaint that somehow land registration documents leave the Land Registry Department looking different than the owner’s copy was made by Hon. Fahie as he bemoaned situations which he said are affecting Virgin Islanders.

In noting that somehow documents that enter Land Registry sometimes look different upon return Hon. Fahie explained that he has received complaints about this phenomenon. “I have met a lot of persons whose rights have been violated in Land Registry, they can’t understand how documents have been changed on them and they have one document saying something and then another document is in the Registry,” he told the House.

As he further mentioned complaints on the matter the Opposition Leader said: “They are showing me these things and they have nowhere to turn and depending on who it is alleged to be involved they cannot get a lawyer to fight their case. Every lawyer you look for they run go leave you because they don’t want trouble the person that’s involved.”

“It is a lot of persons’ human rights being violated: Virgin Islanders right here being robbed of their land. Being robbed of a lot of other things. They have nobody to turn to Madame Speaker and this has to be addressed”, the Leader of the Opposition stated.