Hon. Fahie Proposes Freeze On Vg Work Permits


In light of the fact that there is a now a large number of job seekers on Virgin Gorda, Opposition Member and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie has called for an instant freeze on work permits for that sister island.

The Legislator made the call during the Private Members Business section of the House of Assembly on 4 February.

According to Hon. Fahie, Virgin Islanders need to be safeguarded, and he stated that following calls from persons on Virgin Gorda he is convinced that the work permit hiatus was necessary.

“I get so many calls from even the people from Virgin Gorda. 300 and odd out from Little Dix, we have 70 odd from Biras Creek, they told me that  Bitter End probably will be laying off a few that probably are at the age to go; and the other place YCCS. When you calculate that you going up to close to 400 and odd people on one lil island that don’t have work,” Hon. Fahie declared.

“One of the first things I humbly suggest, since I could only do it in here is that we put an instant freeze on all work permits to Virgin Gorda. All jobs for Virgin Gorda you put an instant work permit freeze on all jobs for Virgin Gorda because you cannot have over 400 and odd people running around a place without a job,” the Opposition Member added.

Hon. Fahie also suggested a freeze on the purchase of land for non-locals immediately, as a safeguarding mechanism.