Hon. Fahie Is Concerned About National Health Scheme


“NHI must be brought to the House of Assembly for debate and approval,” First District Representative, and Opposition Member, Hon. Andrew Fahie declared in his annual District Report on 23 January.

As he outlined his concerns about the National Health Insurance Scheme Hon. Fahie stated that all must understand a basic principle, “No nation on this earth can undertake to be 100% responsible for the cost of health care – the risk must be spread.”

“If a BVI resident pays their deductible amount to a provider and the BVI Government pay the remainder of the claim to the provider from funds collected only from the BVI employers and the BVI employees, then the cost of medical care in the BVI is 100% paid by the BVI. This is unsustainable! This two miles underground tunnel to the Social Security vault must be identified and must be explained,” the Opposition Member pointed out.

Hon. Fahie opined that NHI must have its own legislation and must not remain attached to mere amendments to the Social Security Ordinance. Hon. Fahie stated that NHI must be brought to the House of Assembly for debate and approval.

“NHI must fully identify its source of funding and the risk must be spread throughout the world. The burden is too much for the Government of the Virgin Islands and too much for the people of the Virgin Islands.  Already in the first month of its existence we are seeing that the output is far greater than the input,” the Legislator announced.

The First District Representative explained that he is supportive of the aim of the territorial insurance because the intent is noble. “I want each of you my people to have access to quality health care but the deliberate disrespect of other views is despicable. It is your health; it is your money – you have a right to know. Each of us has a role that must not be disrespected and we cannot run from it,” he said.