Hon. Fahie Congratulates New NDP leadership


Leader if the Opposition Hon. Andrew Fahie extended congratulations to the new leaders of the National Democratic Party and also thanked Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith for his years of service to the Territory as he stepped down from the Party’s leadership role.

In a statement to the media following the 23 June NDP internal elections, Hon. Fahie said: “I take this time to thank Dr. The Honorable D. Orlando Smith for his tenure as Leader/President of the NDP over the last 20 years. Leadership calls for major sacrifices and from one leader to the next it is only respectful to salute his consistency,” Hon. Fahie announced.

He further reflected on his working relationship with the Premier and their interactions over the years. In this regard Hon. Fahie said: “Of course we differed many times in political philosophies and methodologies over the years but his years of consistent service cannot be overlooked.”

As it relates to the new leaders of the National Democratic Party Hon. Fahie extended additional congratulations: “I also take the time to congratulate all persons who were elected to the Executive Body of the NDP especially Hon. Marlon Penn as Vice President and Hon. Myron Walwyn as the new President/Leader of the NDP. More than one viable political party is essential to the preservation of democracy.”

VIP Preparation and PAC Plans

Referring to his political organization the Opposition Leader disclosed that the Virgin Islands Party will be selecting the candidates to contest the 2019 general elections in the coming weeks.

“The Virgin Islands Party will be more than ready for the next General elections. By mid-July the Congress of the Virgin Islands Party will be meeting to ratify most of the district candidates and to introduce the prospective candidates for At-Large representatives,” he disclosed

As Leader of the Opposition Hon. Fahie is also the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and he announced that under this area he is pushing for accountability. “As Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee we will continue to attempt to secure a quorum in order to hold meetings so that the public can be clear how their tax dollars were spent.”

“In addition it is essential to have to the PAC meetings public so that the media and the public can attend and see firsthand how their tax dollars are being spent. We must promote openness, transparency, accountability and good governance at all times in the carrying out of the people’s hard earn tax dollars,” Hon. Fahie stated.

The next PAC meeting was scheduled to be held on Monday 25 June.