Hon. Fahie Blasts Ndp Government


First District Representative, and Opposition Member, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that the Government called an early election to prevent certain financial information from being revealed in the House of Assembly.

During an informal District meeting on 3 May, the Opposition member stated that various questions about the Territory’s finance remain unanswered and since the House of Assembly has been dissolved he opined that Opposition members now have no means of gathering factual information about territorial matters.

Hon. Fahie listed the recently completed Cruise pier project as one of the financial matters that concerns the Opposition. He said: “No matter how many times you ask about this project in the House of Assembly, where we are under oath, where we are supposed to tell the truth; we either don’t get the questions submitted or allowed to be on the Order Paper. When they were, they refused to answer about the project.”

“Up to now we don’t know officially the true cost of that project, but what we do know is that the project is $20 million over and somebody has to be more accountable when you have a project that is $20 million already with committed bills and contracts and you only have $41 million,”  Hon. Fahie pointed out.

In restating his point about the election being called soon, Hon. Fahie said: “They will be campaigning. It will be short and before you know it, you will not know how many of their projects are either over, unaccounted for or how much money,” he added.

Middle Class Ripped Away

The Opposition member announced that he would not be having massive campaign rallies during the upcoming campaign season. He told his constituents: “I don’t intend to compete with this administration with a whole set of fancy rallies.”

Hon. Fahie stated that the Government can afford fancy rallies because they have the monies: “Wherever they get it (the money) to do this election in a short time and hoping that this plan that they got from the pits of hell can work on the people’s mind to help them to be blindfolded from the reality as they tell you that you are doing well when you are really catching hell.”

Hon. Fahie gave a dismal description of the present situation and told the people that correction was their task: “They have basically ripped away the middle class of our country and took two poles in our country now – the haves and the haves not. And if you want them to continue to do that then I cannot do nothing about that, but if you want to get the BVI back and get the government back in the people’s hands, then the answer is VIP.”

He told his constituents: “The progress that they are going to dazzle your eyes with on the TV because they have the money to be on the TV more than us; check yourself and see how much you have progressed – you and your family. So they’re trying to make you feel good by showing you things that look good and the reality is that you are not…Ask yourselves – did the administration in power that give you some nice things really treat you nice, because it’s not good to know that you have food in your house but you cannot reach it, cannot eat it, cannot touch it, but yet you are told that your house is progressing because it is full of food, but yet you the people are hungry. A set of full belly telling a set of empty bellies, have faith, hold on, give us four more years.”

“They are going to come on the radio and make you think that they are angels, but I know some of them, I see them clearly as devil from the pits of hell. They will do anything to keep the power so they can continue to dictate and it’s our job to tell you what we are going to do for you, but it’s also our job to tell you what kind of persons they really are,” Hon. Fahie announced.
“I am patiently waiting for election day to show that a barrage of money and spectacular shows will not determine how this BVI will vote, but the people who are diligently watching and feeling the pinch will decide which representatives they are going to. And you are going to ensure that you go in and vote your conscience and not marketing plans you are going to see on TV and hear on radio, and fancy rallies.”

Hon. Fahie asked residents, “So you will ask yourselves, am I better off? Can I pay bills; did I get my increments; can I pay my light bill? Am I behind with mortgage; what has been put in place with the banks to help me; why did I have to move out of my home to go live with parents?…You have to ask yourselves these things when you are going to the polls.”

Bordering on Dictatorship

The First District Representative told the gathering that there is alleged paranoia and that they should be mindful of certain behaviour: “You don’t want a country where you have a government that don’t want to answer your questions inside of a forum where they are supposed to tell you the truth…Nowhere in the world you want a government that is so paranoid for power that any one that challenges them they find a way to meet anybody to tell them if you don’t leave them alone they are going to destroy you.”

In presenting a scenario of paranoia, Hon. Fahie opined that the political climate in the BVI has shifted greatly and that things have drastically changed: “You do not want a government in power that wants to tell you everything in statements and when you question them, they don’t want to answer you; that is bordering on dictatorship. A government that is so paranoid with power that if they meet you speaking to anybody that is not in the same political party that is in power, they blacklist you in your own country. In any country you are supposed to speak to anyone anytime because it’s your democratic right. Sadly to say that right now in this country, the political climate has shifted as such that if you don’t agree with the methodology of this administration, you are labelled as anti development and negative.”