Hon. Fahie Believes In District 1 Housing Project


Opposition Member and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie once again presented his housing idea, and stated that the provision of homes for BV Islanders should be extended to all of the Districts in the Territory.

In alluding to the housing scheme program that he described in 2012, Hon. Fahie during the 15 April VIP radio program announced that the initiative would give BV Islanders ‘a good start’ and that the program should be extended to all of the Districts in the Territory.

Hon. Fahie explained the need for a Territory wide housing initiative: “One of the things that amazes me with the District system for the most part is when you look at how things are being done.” “The only time that the Districts count is around the time to go back for re-election, but other than that they are somehow ignored in terms of the District systems. We have to get a policy of making sure we have a sum of money to come up with the housing project.”

Hon. Fahie further pointed out that it was always his view that a good jumpstart would have been $10M from the Social Security Board.

However, Hon. Fahie stated that his suggestion was met with negativity in certain quarters.