Hon. Fahie accuses NDP of “shutting down” District 1


In his 2015 report to his constituents, First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie accused the Government of trying to ‘shut down’ his District.

He delivered the report to a large crowd on 24 January, and announced that actions taken by the Government has led him to conclude that his District is being unfairly dealt with: “For far too often I am left to conclude that this Administration has decided to shut down, cut down and cut out the First District. As a matter of fact it seems as if that is the intent for any district that does not have a representative that is part of their political party,” Hon. Fahie said.

In fact the Opposition member described the alleged attack as “economic lynching,” which he claimed is being perpetrated through a policy of vindictiveness and vengeance.

As he illustrated his point, Hon. Fahie listed ten District projects and initiatives which he said were either shut down or cut down. These projects include: fixing Frenchman’s Cay Bridge; the First District Police Station in West End; the Fire Station for the First District in Capoon’s Bay; the contract for a First District contractor to dispose of the garbage in the entire First District;  the transportation service for the seniors in the District to be shuttled to and from the clinic in Capoon’s Bay among other areas; the project to complete the works on the Capoon’s Bay drainage project; the transportation service funds for transporting seniors to the Abraham Leonard Community Center; repairs to the Towers Dock; completion of the modernization of the Sopher’s Hole Jetty.

Hon. Fahie urged his constituents to “shut down and cut down this current administration.” The Representative said: “Brothers and sisters… they have not worked well for this district and they have not worked well for this Territory. They have been blanking us out and it will soon be our turn to put them out — out of office.”

The Opposition Member stated the that cut down or shut down policy is aimed at him as the District Representative, and he assured his constituents that such actions will not deter him: “It is crystal clear that once it pertains to government projects in this district they have either shut them down or cut them down with the view of trying to knock down your representative.  But your representative will not bow down. I know we cannot get everything we want.  But after three years it is safe to say that First District has been treated as an unwanted step child by this administration.”

He added: “We have not just been left behind; we have been cut off, in a policy that is seethed in vindictiveness and vengeance. We understand we can’t get everything we want. But we don’t understand why we can’t get those things that we need. And don’t let them tell you money is the issue. They find millions for their friends… They have repeatedly used this Territory as their personal piggy bank; and they have refused to adhere to the principles of good governance.”

Hon. Fahie also accused the Government of being corrupt, he said: “This government has been the most corrupt government in the modern history of this Territory. The people deserve better; and the people shall get better. We are saying that the only project that needs to be shut down in this country is Project NDP.  With team VIP a better day is coming! Project NDP has proven to be morally and politically bankrupt and corrupt.”