Hon. Delores Christopher Works Hard For Her District


Following the recent heavy rains and flood some residents of the Fifth District took to social media to accuse Fifth District Representative, Hon. Delores Christopher of being absent in her representation. However, those comments by the residents were rebutted by Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool who issued a statement announcing that Hon. Christopher is working hard for her constituents.

Hon. Mark Vanterpool stated that he has seen some of the damage caused by the recent flood in the Fifth District, and assured residents that the complex and numerous repairs will be completed.

The Minister said that the Fifth District Representative invited him to see the effects the flooding has had on her District and asked him to assist with the urgently needed repairs. “… Honourable Delores Christopher invited me to her District to look at a number of projects, including the Upper Huntums Ghut itself that was blocked during last week’s flooding,” he said.

“Since last Tuesday, Hon. Christopher has been working with me, as the Minister responsible for Infrastructure, constantly, to improve areas in her District. She has pointed out several issues and requested that urgent attention be paid to the area,” Hon. Vanterpool reported.

The Mountain Ghut was described as the cause of the flooding in the District, and it was mentioned that this flooding has been an ongoing problem. “Regarding the Ghut, we are working to improve the situation. This area has suffered from flooding for many years, with water coming down from Mountain Ghut and running sometimes for months.”

“Over the years, the Ghut was narrowed, and there are not enough areas opened up for cleaning, creating blockages when the debris accumulates. We are now opening up some areas for regular cleaning, in an effort to alleviate flooding in the area.” Hon. Vanterpool explained.

In addition to the Huntums Ghut area Hon. Vanterpool said that he also visited Horse Path and listed matters that needed to be addressed there. “Honourable Christopher also invited me to Horse Path where some walls fell down, and we looked at some other issues that she is concerned about.”