Hon. Delores Christopher Discusses Waters Encroachment


In the House of Assembly last week Fifth District Representative, Hon. Delores Christopher hinted at Territorial waters encroachment concerns with the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands territory.
While speaking in the House of Assembly on 13 October during the debate of the Accommodation Tax Increase Bill Hon. Christopher urged legislators and residents to be attentive to the Territory’s marine opportunities.
“Yes, we need to look into a lot of things on the marine side,” Hon. Christopher said in a follow up to Leader of Opposition, Hon. Julian Fraser’s comment about the possibility of persons using the close proximity of the USVI to enjoy sailing in BVI waters without paying tax.
In response Hon. Christopher announced people will find a way to skirt the system, but she stated that nonetheless Government must still find a way around that situation: “After a while Madame Speaker everybody is going to find a way how they are going to dupe the system. Everybody will find out how to beat the system so, yes, it is not as buoyant as it used to be, but still we have to find a way.”
In alluding to the territorial water concerns with the USVI the Fifth District Representative said: “We have the water that they want to cruise in. The USVI are our neighbours, and they are packaging and selling the waters of the BVI for sailing, and making money from it, but we mustn’t go there. Something is wrong with that line of thinking Madame Speaker.”