Hon. Christian Talks About Representation Of 5Th District


While not mentioning of the word ‘by-election’ or any similar term Junior Minister for Tourism Hon. Archibald Christian addressed the concern of many as to who will now represent the Fifth Electoral District now that elected District Representative, Hon. Delores Christopher has died.

Hon. Christopher served as the Representative for the Fifth Electoral District from 2003 to 2007 and from 2011 – 2018. However, with general elections being constitutionally due in 2019 many have pondered what will be the decision regarding the representation of the Fifth District.

While admitting that he has heard the questions and listened to the concerns since the announcement of Hon. Christopher’s death, the Junior Minister for Tourism posited to provide an answer on the matter during the debate of the RDA Plan in the House of Assembly on 23 October.

In addressing the subject Hon. Christian announced: “Some people are wondering what will happen, the fact is the Fifth District still has four elected members to represent them,” he declared.

In further explaining he said: “The four At Large Members. One of the reasons why our At Large system was created was that in case you thought you didn’t have an audience with your elected member you still had four other options. We are those options.”

I am one of those options, Hon. Skelton, Hon. Walwyn, Hon. Orlando Smith,” Hon. Christian said as he announced that as he sat in the House he could hear Hon. Christopher’s voice urging him to speak.  In fact, he referred to Hon. Christopher as “Sister D” and said he could hear her voice say “Archie you got to speak for me… you got to speak for the people of the Fifth.”

Hon. Christopher passed away at her home on 16 October 2018. She was 70 years old and had served as a legislator for 11 years.