Hon. Christian Repudiates “Wasteful Globetrotting” Allegations


In a special radio broadcast on 21 July, At Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian lashed out at the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) claims that members of the current administration have been travelling constantly since taking office and costing the public purse as a result.

Hon. Christian, who is part of the Government, defended the travels and announced that the trips were all necessary for the Territory’s development. In fact, he explained that the trips were aimed at aggressively marketing the BVI’s economic pillars in North America, South America and Asia.

Hon. Christian refuted the Opposition claim by stating that the members of Government travelled for the good of the Territory not for fun: “That’s what the travel money was for to increase our revenue in Tourism and financial services so that we could earn money to spend, we were not liming,” he said.

Comments about the travels made by the current Government were made as recently as 16 July by VIP Chair, and Third District Representative Hon. Julian Fraser at a public meeting that was held in Jost Van Dyke.

During the meeting, Hon. Fraser told the residents: “…This administration continues to indulge in the most egregious of wasteful spending, such as the $3,816,607 spent on unnecessary globetrotting by ministers and public officers since taking office. While at the same time failing to pay the small man his money for basic work done, together with having government issued checks bounce at the banks. We are still waiting for an explanation of the benefits gained from that $20,000 trip to China in concrete terms,” Hon. Fraser said.