Hon. Christian Is Concerned About Double Standards


Junior Minister for Tourism, At Large Representative Hon. Archibald Christian is warning parents about the double standards that are being applied to raising their sons and daughters.

The Legislator warned that if the situation is not taken now it could have adverse effects on the society as he announced that boys are being allowed to roam free while girls are being encouraged to study etc.

In stressing the double standards, Hon. Christian said: “The double standards that we have that because I have a boy child let him loose – dangerous, extremely dangerous. That’s double standards. The boys have to be given the same level of treatment as the girls. If the girls are supposed to be home by 8:00 o’ clock doing their homework the same thing must apply to the boys.”

The Junior Minister announced: “If we continue going down this road where we are ignoring things that we see including seeing some not so good things that we see our children doing and pretend we don’t see what they’re doing and pretend we don’t hear what they’re doing. We are going to be in for some rude awakening.”

“If we are not careful with the way we are raising our children we’re gonna end up living in a society where we would be putting bars and systems on our houses to protect ourselves from our very own children,” he further warned.